Businesses and Corporate Organisations use functions in the Yakazi Business dashboard to reduce time, effort and cost of advertising jobs/work opportunities, and to directly connect with professionals and service providers on mobile phone and training institutes via web.


Work Tools & Equipment Providers uses this panel to upload and sell or rent out tools and equipment. As a tools & equipment provider or supplier with many products to offer, working on a mobile phone interface may be tiresome. Hence the Yakazi Business web dashboard is where you can upload images, descriptions, prices, etc. and sell your products to Users of the Yakazi Network apps.

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If you are a an entrepreneur or corporate organisation and you hire staff/contractors/service providers on a regular basis, try the Yakazi web dashboard, which is meant for higher traffic employers with multiple, diverse or regular hiring needs.

If you are an individual employer or a corporate organisation that does not hire regularly, use the on-the-go employer mobile application.

To apply to Yakazi for an online talent and business e-commerce dashboard, simply click the image above and create your own account.