Finding Professionals via Yakazi Network

Login to your Yakazi Find & Hire App

Upon signing in you will be taken to the Yakazi Find & Hire Page.

You can either type the profession type you are searching for in the search bar, or go to Select Service Category.

From the drop down list that appears, make your selection.

Proceed to the next field, where you will Select Service Type.

Finally, in the third field, type to search.

Choose the profession based on the services you want.

Click NEXT


Now set up the LOCATION of the work you want done.

NOTE: The work you are offering can be anywhere in Kenya, not necessarily where you are at the time of setting the location. Meaning you can be in Kajiado but looking for a Professional for your work site in Isiolo!

Be as accurate as possible in setting the work location (drag the PIN to the exact location and provide additional location details).

This serves THREE important purposes:
First:  Enables you to determine how far a Professional/Service Provider Company is from your work site.
Second: Enables you to find Professionals/Service Provider Companies based on a search radius that you will determine. For example, if your car breaks down and you are looking for a mechanic, you want to find the nearest mechanics, so you can set the search radius as 1 kilometer.
Third:  Enables the Professional/Service Provider Company to easily find your work place using the map feature in order to serve you.

Important Note:  The work location can be different from your own (physical location). You can change the work location using the CHANGE LOCATION button. This enables you to find Professionals/Service Provider Companies near a work location even if you are far away from that location.


Set how quickly you want the Service rendered. It can be Right Away (immediately) or Scheduled for a later time or day, as you wish. Use the calendar provided to state when.
Only Professionals/Service Provider Companies available on those dates will be shown to you.
Go ahead and set your desired search radius, stated in kilometers relative to the work location you already indicated.


Once you have set your Search Radius, click “Find Professional/Service Providers”

If you do not find any Professionals/Service Provider Companies within the radius you have entered, or if you find none that please you, simply increase the search radius to find more Professionals/Service Provider Companies.

Note that highly specialized professionals may be fewer, hence may require larger search radius. Luckily, Yakazi will tell you how far the nearest Professional/Service Provider Company is from your set work location.

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