Setting up your Profile as a Professional


Launch Yakazi Professional App on your phone, and proceed to CREATE ACCOUNT.

You will be required to register with Yakazi Network by providing basic identification information such as names, email address, phone number, etc.

Once you register, you will be logged out for security reasons, and requested to login again using the credentials you have provided.


We will ask you to provide certain details that enable potential employers to assess your expertise and experience. Complete all sections of your profile in order to get approved.


Admin will review your registration application and profile, then communicate whether you have been approved for registration or not. Approval is determined by Admin’s review and opinion on the accuracy and completeness of your Profile data, among other factors. Admin will typically give feedback on a new registration within an average of 72 hours (3 days). You will be notified of approval status both in-app and via your email address.


An important part of your Profile setup is your Service Location. This can either be “Mobile” (based on the location of your phone – e.g. if you are a freelancer) or a fixed location (if you have an office, workshop, etc. where you are always based). Potential consumers of your services will find you if your stated location is within their search radius.


Another critical part of your Profile setup is the services you offer and your charge rate.
Your Service Category, Service Type and Profession are the primary data used to connect you to Employers. If you cannot find your Profession or Service Category, contact us for assistance (there is a HELP link on the Main Menu).


We will also request you to upload some documents to support your identity and professional credentials. Employers normally shortlist Job Seekers based on the information provided, therefore we urge Professionals to avail all requested information to ensure objective comparison of profiles by potential service consumers.

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